it's more than just what it looks like.


I started my career as a graphic designer in tech. This usually meant creating websites, logos, and interactive marketing.

But if you think this kind of work is just about visual design, you'd be wrong.

My approach was always to keep in mind how things work, while expressing concepts with a new style.

Based on my experience, it is my fundamental belief that there is no way to separate how things look from how things work.

These days, I don't do as much graphic design work as I used to, and choose to focus more on user experience and interaction design.

selected projects

Karmic Bikes logo in grey

Logo Design Concepts for Karmic Bikes

Back when they were getting off the ground, I created a few different logo concepts for a startup e-bike company, Karmic Bikes. This was the one I liked most (including these color variations) because I thought it would look really good as graphics on the downtube. Ultimately the client went with something else entirely, but i still like it!

Product Bundle Promos for IMVU

I was one of the early designers at IMVU (i think i was employee #24). I was responsible for the graphic design of these bundle promos that went on the website and also HTML emails. I cranked out TONS of these! Logotypes and everything! Through these bundle promos, I directly helped the company become profitable, but man, those weekly deadlines didn't give us much room to breathe.

Logo Design for The Design Review Podcast

This is the brand identity I created for our podcast. To help us stand out, I looked across at other podcast logos and came up with something simple, but with strong colors (look at how podcasts brand themselves, it's pretty wild!).

UI Concepts for the Alexa Site Audit

Alexa Internet was an early analytics service from the Web 1.0 days. It was acquired by Amazon in 2002 and sort of languished as just another subsidiary of the online retailer. I was brought on, initially as the sole designer, to help reinvent the company and establish all new products to help them achieve profitability. The Site Audit was a tool to help inexperienced site owners and webmasters learn how to improve and optimize their site to increase their traffic and visibility to search engines. I redesigned a very technical report to make it more digestible, and added features to help explain the topics so that novices can learn about what they need to do, and why these topics are important!

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For a time, I was the sole designer as part of a very early stage startup, taking it from nothing to something.

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