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The Arts
and Cycling

I have explored different creative disciplines throughout my life. My design career is one of them, but I enjoy many outlets for my creative energy.

Calligraphy, ceramics, drawing, painting, not all of it is here on this page, but I do enjoy different forms of creative expression.

Cycling as well. Although i learned to ride a bike long ago, I took to cycling in recent years for the benefits to my health and the environment.

Recently I cycled across Spain on the Camino de Santiago, and will continue my cycling adventures across the globe.

selected projects


I practice ceramics and I like to think I'm not too bad on the wheel, though there's always room to improve. Here are just a handful of the different pieces I've made over the years plus some sketches of forms that I would like to make.


I am self-taught and learned the basics in university to help me understand typography. It started just as a curiosity — how is it done? I studied old manuscripts and letterforms and tried to replicate the strokes the old masters used to do formal writing. I probably could've used some formal classes, but I rely on my drawing skills to help me improve, and I've been practicing ever since!

Cycling the Camino

In September 2018 I cycled across Spain with one of my good friends. It was an incredible experience. I have many more photos than just the one here... We traveled over 700 km in 13 days, encountering mixed terrain, and breathtaking coastal views. It was a trip that i'll never forget!

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