crafting a better presentation

Automated User Provisioning – a phrase that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But it’s a problem that plagues many IT departments all across the world. Zohno provides a product that integrates seamlessly across a wide variety of different environments to allow onboarding and offboarding with just the click of a button! Along with developing the company’s brand, I designed and built the company website. Here is how it was made.

project goals

  1. Improve the presentation of the site.
  2. Execute a consistent vision.

my roles and responsibilities

the process

The original site (which I also made and won’t show how bad it was) was very basic, something that provided Zohno with a web presence and not much more. In order to help get the word out about the product, the site needed to be improved.

As usual, I start by sketching. This time, it was more about developing and refining the brand, and I wanted to give it a more modern presentation. Most every tech or startup company site is organized into separate panels or sections to showcase different kinds of content. So this was where I began.

After noodling around with ideas, I created a higher fidelity sketch to try and understand more of what it would look like. Borrowing angles from the Zohno logo, I created a multi-panel style layout for the various parts of the homepage.

Once settled on the main idea, I sketched how the same visual style could be applied to the rest of the supporting pages. I also needed to create icons for these pages, so I sketched concepts for those as well.

visual designs

conclusions and take-aways

The site took quite a while to complete. I was not only doing the design work, but also the front-end development. But all the hard work has paid off! Since launching the new website, we’ve seen traffic grow and sales increase! Having an improved web presence has been a useful evangelism tool, especially for a product like this. General ad banners or Google ad campaigns don’t really work that well (we tried) since people don’t generally search for tools like this. So it is more important to develop a good presence where people can find you first. We have been slowly growing customers (enterprise buying cycles take time) but we are poised for continued growth and things are looking healthy!

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