Personal Projects

I have explored different creative disciplines throughout my life. My design career is one of them, but I enjoy many different outlets for my creative energy. Not all of it is here on this page, but I do enjoy different creative pursuits. In addition to that, in 2019 I cycled across the US on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, and will continue my cycling adventures all around the globe.

  • The Design Review Podcast

    I co-host a unique UX podcast. We discuss a wide variety of topics, from UX reviews of new apps to principles of good design. We are consistently highly rated and have attracted a strong base of listeners. Please enjoy the show!

  • The Office Hours Project

    I give my time to mentor other aspiring designers or folks looking for some extra professional coaching. I have always found mentorship to be rewarding. Feel free to schedule some time with me or anyone else on the platform!

  • Better Design Prompts

    I built a simple random prompt generator to help people understand how context helps designers know what to create. Check it out!