The first step to creating good design is creating a good strategy.

Developing an effective strategy is just as important as creating the design itself. What is my approach?

Like any project, I start with research because it is critical to begin by understanding the problem.

Synthesizing research is all about critical thinking — what opportunities exist? Where can we differentiate? What is working well?

I develop a strategy with creative partners, discussing goals and problems to solve. Out of this, I develop a design strategy and vision.

The final task with a creative strategy is to share it and get feedback. It should evolve as the business evolves.

Selected projects

Providing free, ad-supported Uber rides

I worked with famed entrepreneur, now investor, Andrew Chen to develop concepts for free rides on Uber!

Redesigning Quibb mobile for iOS

The website was advancing and improving while the mobile app lagged behind. I proposed some changes and enhancements to try and bring them back together.

Building a new product

I had an idea for a micro-blogging service that I tried to turn into a product!

A powerful new ERP system for Sage Software

As the User-Centered Design team lead, I was also the project lead and agile product owner for the redesign of a new cloud-based ERP system.

A new web analytics platform for Amazon

I joined one of Amazon's startup subsidiaries as the initial designer. I helped develop a variety of new products, including this one, a new analytics platform.

Selected projects

The new voice experience for Mercedes-Benz

I was the UI concept lead, responsible for the new in-car voice interface and user experience for Mercedes-Benz.

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